Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Governor Charlie Crist today commended the approval of federal funding for structural hardening projects at domestic violence centers throughout Florida. The disaster mitigation initiatives will make domestic violence centers more resistant to severe weather and tropical systems through various building upgrades and enhance the safety of residents during weather-related emergencies.

“The structural strengthening of targeted domestic violence centers throughout Florida will be a hallmark achievement in Florida’s efforts to prepare for severe weather and hurricanes,” said Governor Charlie Crist. “These projects will help us make great strides in our collective effort to ensure that some of our most vulnerable fellow Floridians are protected during emergencies.”

The wind retrofit project will be funded by 75 percent grant through the federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program ($1,689,457) and a 25 percent matching grant of state funds ($563,152). The total cost of the project is $2,252,609.

“Severe winds are one of nature’s most destructive forces,” said David Halstead, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management. “By taking these proactive steps to mitigate against the effects of severe weather and tropical systems, we will greatly enhance the safety and security of these vitally important facilities during weather-related emergencies.”

The mitigation project is part of an ongoing effort on behalf of state, federal, and local emergency management partners to ensure that the effects of future disasters are properly prepared for. Recently, the Florida Division of Emergency Management received approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its enhanced mitigation plan, which enables the state to receive more federal money for disaster mitigation projects.

"This critical project ensures women and children are not forced to leave a safe environment during hurricanes and other weather-related disasters," said Tiffany Carr, President and CEO of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "Governor Crist's support of the hardening project will increase the safety of Florida's most vulnerable individuals and ultimately save lives. As always, I applaud Governor Crist's strong stand on strengthening penalties for perpetrators and strengthening services for victims of domestic violence."

For more information on mitigation techniques and to GET A PLAN! for disaster preparedness, please visit www.FloridaDisaster.org.

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